as ths sugar rushes through my blood, the drop is approaching and then it hits… all of the sugar gets synthesized and instantly converted into energy. this is only temporary. my mind feels it, my body doesn’t. it’s too tired to…

anyways i can’t help but notice that somehow i’ve changed. i think it’s change better for me, but i’m not sure if that’s good for others. all i know is that i did. at least i hope…

i’m feeling more optimistic for my future. in the end all of my problems will be solved. i will make sure of that. if not, then it’s not the end. i still feel that everything i do is shit, but this shit works. why try to fix something if it works. i am pleased with my evolution and that should suffice.

went a bit off track, but i spoke everything that needed to be spoken of… i probably have more to say, but the energy is dissipating fast…

why should i learn something that is already written in a book - Albert Einstein (probably not the exact quote that's why no actual quotes) as the sugar rushes through my blood

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