Blogging started out for people that wanted to share more about them and their private life and never had the possibility. Since then blogging has evolved into something much more interesting. Instead of writing about their life, they share their opinions, potential problems and solutions on various subjects:

  • life hacks
  • programing advices and best practices
  • interviews
  • general news

Me? I blog whether comes to my mind when I start the blogging app or whatever. Random thoughts from the depths of my brain. Frankly, if after a few days I come back and read what I wrote I’d be like:

What in the hell was I thinking?

I’m a very strange individual, I know, but that’s what makes me special. That what makes us all special, unique. I’ll keep doing it, and maybe someone will appreciate it. Most of you are probably saying that I’m doing this, just to have something done. Not really…

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Software Engineer. .NET Developer. Amateur Photographer. Drum & Bass DJ. Welcome to my blog!

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