as I promised here's a status update of my set goals:

I've managed to fix a major bug in my personal project and that's just great. this one was the biggest problem I've had so far. there are still some minor tweaking to do, but other than that, this feature is done. finally...

my school projects? didn't touch any of them. screw the system... i really don't give a rats ass about them. sure I'll finish them, but they seem useless and pointless (same thing, but who cares?).

I've always hated school group projects. mainly because I was never teamed-up with someone smart. I've always been the one that ended up doing all the work. I'm curious to see, if I'm going to be grouped with a smart colleague what kind of project we can produce...

I'm not saying that I was never in the same team as a good student, I'm saying that big teams in college is stupid. college students are very, very lazy and don't really know how to work in teams, especially when there's not leader. I've been a leader and I've been a bad one.

I've also been a leader in a competition team and I did some work there, but it wasn't enough. that's how I know that I'm a bad leader... I'll probably never going to be one.

but then again, one can only hope...

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