now that i have a few moments to spare, i thought i could share with you a fragment of my childhood, because why not?

about ten years ago, when i was in the 5th or 6th grade, a trend started to emerge: the trend of the spinning tops, specifically beyblade tops. i've always been fascinated by those things. the stability and speed they rotated. they were fun. we also had beyblade battles (as the animes implied).

we also added custom mods to then. to be fair they were very flimsy at the time, being made out of plastic and such. we found out that if you add weight to them, they get even faster and are more stable. i remembered that i asked my dad to add some led to one of it. i still have it today.

nowadays, technology has advanced so far that the new versions of them are better (thicker plastic), heavier (the weight rings are a different alloy) and they're held to together by their own screws. they basically added the modifications we found to them.

how i got to know about this? after a little walk through the mall with my girlfriend, i decided to go into a toy shop. there i saw the new models and i immediately thought of everything i told you up to this point. she being the best girlfriend in the world saw my reaction and bought them for me as an Easter gift.

that sums up this childhood memory...

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