have you ever had a dream so real, that when you woke up you felt so weird that it nearly ruins you’re day? I’ve had.

to be fair I rarely dream, but when I do my dreams are so vivid and real, I sometimes question what’s real and what’s not. the fact that they feel real it’s not what bothers me. what bothers me is what I dream. one way or another I dream something about her. I don’t mind it, but I dream she betrays me. why? why would my stupid subconscious thinks that she would do that.

there is no reason she would. none at all. the weird part is what happened today. a name surfaced in my dream. she told it to me. today a phone call from a boy who once wanted her. his name was different.

I hate coincidences, they freak me out. some a weird, some stupid. this was damn weird…

oh well. I won’t bore you with the details. after all it’s 3 am…

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