i'm standing here, alone in my room, waiting for my sleep to kick in, while someone out there, might be having the time of his life. i'm not trying to reference someone, i'm just saying. others might also be alone. and when i say alone i mean alone. with no one to think about. or they have someone to think about, but that other someone just broke them. brutally...
i did it too, so i know how it is. i was alone that way too, but i was expecting it. i can't imagine the feeling. well i can. i experienced it once. wasn't pleasant at all. now someone dear to me, a very close friend is feeling that way. i wish i could help him. i know i might be making a bit of drama, but i don't really care. he's hurt and i want to help him, but i don't know how...
all i can do is be beside him and support him.
i truly thought that this won't happen to him. i was wrong. i was so wrong...
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