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Electric City

Electric city was one of the first “true” music festivals I’ve ever been to and it was an awesome experience. The sound, lightshow and organization was great. The really great thing was that they didn’t allow you to smoke on the main stage. They setup a tent on a terrace that was outside of the building. That was the designated smoke area. Finally the headliners, Chase and Status made quite the show. I enjoyed their set and was quite nice.


Sadly, I didn’t bring my camera to the party –alcohol, parties and DSLR’s don’t go very well together. I did bring it me when I visiting the city. You can see a few of my pictures on my 500px account.

New Layout

As you can see I have a new design on my blog. The theme is called mediator. Special thanks to @dirkfabisch for the theme. I’ve also contributed to add support to the jemoji plugin (super happy about that).

UPDATE: Jesus did you saw that aberration in the title image? Also cleared some typos.

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