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Having a blog is something that most people do these days. There are so many blogs out there that trying to stand out of the crowd is like throwing a pepple in a lake. But throw more pepples and eventually you’ll get a few ripples here and there that count. I’m getting way too philosofical about this. Bottom line is, if you want to blog just do it. Keep writing every week and eventually you’ll get to have your own style and pace. Just don’t give up.


Coding is something that I do for a living and it’s something that I don’t really do in my spare time. Trust me, when you’re coding for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week you really, really don’t want to code in your spare time. But, ocassionally I would fire up Visual Studio and do something. Whether it’s an ASP.NET app or a Windows App, I just try to do something different.


Photography is my odd ball. It’s a hobby and I don’t plan on making money taking photos. I do enjoy taking them. I might not obbey the rules something, but I do it for me, not somebody else. Art critique is something that I never really understood.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it about for this post. If you have any comments leave them below.

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