Hosting a concert in a mall parking lot seems like a bad idea at first. I mean that thing was built to hold cars, not concerts. You’d think that the sound might be out of whack and be filled with reverb. You’re right, if you’re standing on the side. If you stand right in the middle of it, you’d forget that you’re in a parking lot. Mind you this is an open multi-level parking lot.

##Electric Castle Electric Castle hosted a promo party here in Timisoara this weekend and I had to go. It’s one of the largest music festival in Romania (at least that’s what I think - and it says on the site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and when the producers host a promo party, you know you’re gonna get a good slice of the big picture. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be going this year, but the line-up is pretty awesome (Fatboy Slim, The Glitch Mob, Rudimental Live, The Prodigy - are the headliners for the 4 days of the event). This event was called Electric Castle present’s: KRAFTY KUTS / FRED V & GRAFIX / ICICLE / K-LU vs SAUCE.

##Fred V & Grafix Now you know about Electric City. Both Electric Castle and Electric City are organized by the same team: Boiler Events. You know how I felt about Electric City. I was expecting the same level of awesome as from this present’s event too. I didn’t failed to deliver. Quite awesome. I only went for Fred V & Grafix. I liked their set, some didn’t, but I did.

##Them flying glasses I wear glasses. My glasses are a bit loose. I have them for about 2 years now (this pair at least). In the heat of the moment I kinda did a wonky flailing with my arms and I accidentally thrown my glasses of my face. First time this happened to me. For the next 2 minutes or so, me and my friends looked for my glasses, in the middle of the people, during a live party, in a mall parking lot. Fun times…

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