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Back in April I posted this and I’m quoting myself:

–alcohol, parties and DSLR’s don’t go very well together.

Robert Iagar [Electric City, Photos and New Layout](/2015/04/01/electric-city-photos-and-new-layout/)

I broke this “rule”. I went to a party with my camera and took a few shots. Nothing fancy. I haven’t had the time to look over them nor edit them. You’ll have to wait a few days until I get to post them on my 500px page.

You might be wondering what party was this. Well Dub FX came to Timisoara for free at AMBASADA. It was awesome. A bit crowdy –so crowdy some people couldn’t even get inside after a few hours, but it was fun nonetheless.

I case you don’t know who Dub Fx is here’s a song from him:

A great artist that uses beatboxing and looping stations to create beats. He then sings over those beats and result is really nice.

Stay tuned for pics from the event and also Part II of our “Recreating the Windows Phone Podcasts app as an Universal Windows App” Series. You can read Part I here.

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